Senior Principal Product Manager, Cloud Migrations



Daniel Overby Hansen

Hi everyone, my name is Daniel, and I work as a Product Manager at Oracle. My job is to enable you to get the most out of Oracle Database, and this blog is a way to do that. I mainly work with migrations, upgrades and patching of Oracle Database, but I often find myself crawling into many other areas as well.

Other than blogging you can find me at conferences, in user group meetings or online doing webinars. I am always looking for an opportunity to show you the way of the Oracle Database. Get in touch if we should set something up in your area.

I live in Denmark and when my head is filled with databases, I tend to empty it again on a run or over a glass of wine (or both – in that order though). That’s about it of my personal life that I will share with you until we get to know each other. If you want to know about my professional career, I suggest that you head over to LinkedIn where you can find my up-to-date profile.

The views and opinions expressed are my own. Always refer to the official documentation and the information supplied by My Oracle Support. However, I do my best to keep it as accurate and precise as possible – but I am just human after all. Hence, I recommend that you always try out my recommendations in a test environment and never in production first (and we all know that is something I just say, because testing in production is after the place with the best data… Obviously, I don’t mean that…).