Upgrading with Oracle Database Vault – AIOUG Follow-up

Last week I presented to AIOUG. My session was Upgrades and Migrations – What’s Cooking. I managed to answer most of the questions except one. As promised, here’s the answer.

Oracle Database Vault

One question came up on Oracle Database Vault. I couldn’t answer the question live. I knew we had recently made changes in this area, but the details were lost.

What do you need to consider when upgrading an Oracle Database that uses Oracle Database Vault?

First, when AutoUpgrade performs the pre-upgrade analysis, it will detect the presence of Oracle Database Vault. Information is written in the pre-upgrade summary reminding you to take due care.

You have two options when you upgrade to Oracle Database 19c or later:

  • Disable Oracle Database Vault during the upgrade
  • Or, grant the role DV_PATCH_ADMIN to SYS during the upgrade

You can find more information in Requirement for Upgrading Database with Database Vault (Doc ID 2757126.1).


Thanks to AIOUG for hosting my webinar. I really enjoy presenting to the community in India. The audience is always really engaging and asks a lot of questions.

Unfortunately, I have yet to have the opportunity to present in person in India. I hope to change that one day.