Migration Strategies

Mike Dietrich and I gave a presentation on Migration Strategies – Tips and Tricks and Insights and Secrets today. The webinar is part of the Oracle Database 19c Upgrade Virtual Classroom series.

Oracle Database 19c Upgrade Virtual Classroom

The slide deck contains more information than we presented at the webinar. We had hidden a lot of slides that contain additional information and useful links. The slide deck is ready to download.

Soon you will be able to watch a recording as well.

Move to the Cloud (for techies)

If you want to know even more about migrations, you should register for the next webinar. It’s all about cloud migrations.

Date: Thursday 15 October 2020
Start Time: 13:00 GST – 12:00 EEST – 11:00 CEST – 10:00 BST
Duration: 120 mins

Whether you have databases in a cloud environment, or you plan to lift databases soon, this webinar is for you. We won’t cover cloud solution benefits but will show you how you can migrate your database(s) into the Oracle Cloud. We’ll start with Autonomous and also cover migration into VMs, Bare Metal, OCI, ExaCS and ExaCC. And we’ll look at minimizing downtime strategy, where ZDM can help. This two-hour webinar is not strictly for technical geeks ‒ but our focus will be on practical migration approaches.

Thank You

Thanks to everyone that participated today. We had a lot of fun and look forward to seeing you on Thursday. Happy migrating!

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