Performance Stability after Upgrade and Migration

Yesterday I gave a talk to the Danish Oracle User Group. The topic was Performance stability after upgrade and migration and included something about statistics, a lot about SQL Plan Management and a few recommendations for parameters in Oracle Database 19c.

Danish Oracle User Group

If you are interested you can download the slides and have a look yourself. The talk itself was not recorded.

You Want More?

The content I presented is part of a revamped webinar that Roy, Mike and I are giving on Thursday, 4 March 2021 at 19:00 CET. We call it

Performance Stability, Tips, Tricks & Underscores

The third webinar the series addresses performance stability, tips, tricks and underscores. Participants learn how to perform proactive testing before upgrading to Oracle Database19c.

Topics that will be covered during this session:

  • Testing Principles
  • Ensure Performance Stability
  • SQL Plan Management
  • Real Application Testing
  • Tips, Tricks & Underscores to get the best out of Oracle Database 19c

It is all tech – no buzzwords and marketing. We have to keep it within two hours, but I think that we already have way too much content. I assure you it will be action packed.

If that sounds interesting, sign up and I will see you next Thursday. It will be so much fun.

Otherwise, you can find the recording a few days after. In addition, most of the content will also be cut into bite-size pieces and uploaded to our YouTube channel – why not subscribe?


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