Performance Stability after Upgrade and Migration

Yesterday I gave a talk to the Danish Oracle User Group. The topic was Performance stability after upgrade and migration and included something about statistics, a lot about SQL Plan Management and a few recommendations for parameters in Oracle Database 19c.

Danish Oracle User Group

If you are interested you can download the slides and have a look yourself. The talk itself was not recorded.

You Want More?

The content I presented is part of a revamped webinar that Roy, Mike and I are giving on Thursday, 4 March 2021 at 19:00 CET. We call it

Performance Stability, Tips, Tricks & Underscores

> The third webinar the series addresses performance stability, tips, tricks and underscores. Participants learn how to perform proactive testing before upgrading to Oracle Database19c. > >Topics that will be covered during this session: > >* Testing Principles >* Ensure Performance Stability >* SQL Plan Management >* Real Application Testing >* Tips, Tricks & Underscores to get the best out of Oracle Database 19c

It is all tech – no buzzwords and marketing. We have to keep it within two hours, but I think that we already have way too much content. I assure you it will be action packed.

If that sounds interesting, sign up and I will see you next Thursday. It will be so much fun.

Otherwise, you can find the recording a few days after. In addition, most of the content will also be cut into bite-size pieces and uploaded to our YouTube channel – why not subscribe?


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