Data Pump and a Norwegian Sneak Peek

Earlier this month, the team and I presented our webinar Data Pump – Best Practices and Real World Scenarios. Over the years, we have accumulated information from many different customer projects, and we wanted to compile all that information into a webinar. You can watch the result on YouTube or flip through the slides.

On YouTube, the recording is divided into pieces, so you can easily dive right into the subject that has your particular interest.

My two favorite chapters:

Next month, in May, we are hosting another webinar about Release and Patching Strategies for Oracle Database 23c. Sign up now and secure your seat. It is, by the way, the 16th webinar in our series. If you want, you can watch the previous ones on demand.

The Norwegian Sneak Peak

Next week, the Norwegian Oracle User Group is having its annual spring conference. I am attending, and I am really excited. The agenda and line-up are really amazing. It’s not too late to sign up.

I am presenting at the conference as well. The slides are ready and uploaded to my blog. If you want, you can take a sneak peek:

See you in Oslo?

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