I Never Meet Joel, But I Have Met His Spirit #JoelKallmanDay

I didn’t know Joel Kallman. I heard about his name, and I knew he had something to do with APEX. But we never had to opportunity to meet each other. After his untimely death, I became aware of his huge impact on the Oracle community. So many people shared so many great stories about him and how he influenced the Oracle community. It became apparent to me how much he meant for the Oracle community.

This post is about the Oracle community. When I started working with Oracle, I quickly found out how great the community was. People were happily sharing knowledge – on blogs, at conferences, in videos. I was blown away by the amount of help and guidance I could get. For free – and even with a huge smile on top of that. I was a rookie and all that help made a huge difference. This is what I mean – when I say I believe I have met Joel’s spirit. But still, after many years working with Oracle, I use and value the community.

Since I joined Oracle, it has been on my to-do list to do a rolling upgrade. I never tried that for real. Last week, I had time to try out rolling upgrades with DBMS_ROLLING. Provision a Data Guard environment, open the documentation, get a cup of coffee, and off we go…

At one point, I was stuck. Like in – really stuck! Friday night – even after trying Connor’s gin/tonic debugging – still stuck. Saturday morning – after a good night’s, sleep still stuck. Errors, errors, errors!

Luckily, I attended a talk at UKOUG Tech Talk in April this year about rolling upgrades. Clive and Zahid did a really good presentation on rolling upgrades with a lot of valuable technical knowledge. Flip through the slides, and then – voila – problem solved. Now I could proceed with the upgrade. Thanks Clive, thanks Zahid.

If it hadn’t been for the community – for people happily sharing knowledge and helping each other – for Joel’s spirit, I would probably still be stuck in that rolling upgrade.

Never stop sharing knowledge!

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