New Webinars Coming Up

I am really excited to announce two new webinars:

  • Data Pump Best Practices and Real World Scenarios April 5, 2023, 16:00 CET
  • Release and Patching Strategies for Oracle Database 23c May 10, 2023, 16:00 CET

Oracle Database 19c Upgrade Virtual Classroom

You can sign up here.

The entire team, Roy, Mike, Bill, Rodrigo, and myself, are working hard to polish all the details.

Data Pump Best Practices and Real World Scenarios

In short: It’s all the stuff we couldn’t fit into our last Data Pump webinar.

Here’s the full abstract: > We promised to share more information in our last Data Pump Deep Dive With Development seminar. And here we are back again. Data Pump best practices is the topic we would like to emphasize on today. This will include some common tips and tricks but target especially parallel optimizations and transformation. It is quite common that you restructure objects and types when you use Data Pump for a migration. So we will give a detailed overview on the most common scenarios. This will guide us directly to real world scenarios where we’ll demonstrate several of those best practices used by customers.

Release and Patching Strategies for Oracle Database 23c

This is a revamped version of our very first webinar, Release and Patching Strategy. It’s updated to reflect the latest changes, and we have included even more details and demos.

Last time, the interest for this webinar was huge, and we ended up maxing out of Zoom capacity. A lot of you couldn’t get it. So, you better be ready on time, or you might miss your seat.

The full abstract: > This is a session every Oracle customer needs to attend to. Oracle Database 23c, the next long-term support release will be available sometime this year. Now it is time to refresh your knowledge about the best and most efficient strategies for your future release planning. Are there changes to the release numbering? Are there important changes regarding database patching? We will give you a complete overview on the available patch bundles and recent and future changes. We’ll discuss and showcase why a proper patching strategy is of vital importance – and how you can automate and optimize certain essential tasks.

But I Can’t Make It

Don’t worry. As usual, we will publish the recording on our YouTube channel and share the slides with you. Keep an eye out on my Webinars page.

But it’s better to watch it live. The entire team will be there, and we will answer all your questions. I promise you; we won’t leave until all questions have been answered.

All Tech, No Marketing

Remember, our mantra is: All tech, no marketing.

These webinars are technical. This is the place for you if you want all the gory details and cool demos.

I hope to see you there

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