Release and Patching Strategies for Oracle Database 23c

A few weeks ago my team hosted the sixteenth episode of our Virtual Classroom Seminars. The webinar is called Release and Patching Strategies for Oracle Database 23c.

If you couldn’t participate you can now watch the recording and flip through the slides.


The recording of the webinar is posted on our YouTube channel:

The video is divided into chapters and from the video description you can jump right into the topic of your interest.

My favorite moments:

If you have a question, leave a comment on YouTube and we will get back to you.


You can download the slides here.

We received a lot of questions during the webinar. So many of them were really good and relevant. I decided to make a new version of the slide deck which answers many of the questions you asked.

I would like to thank all that asked a question. It provides us with valuable feedback and enables us to make even better material for you.

What’s Next?

Mike Dietrich and I will host episode 17 of our Virtual Classroom on Thursday June 22, 16:00 CEST:

From SR to Patch – Insights into the Oracle Database Development Process

Have you ever wondered why this bug fix hasn’t been included in the next Release Update? Or why somebody from Oracle Support asked you to upgrade to Oracle Database 23c – even Oracle 23c is not available yet for your environment? We’ll explain this – and much more. From SR to Patch describes the whole process from you, opening a service request for a defect to the final delivery of a fix. This is your rare chance to get insights into the Oracle Database development process from insiders. And even if you are a long-time Oracle expert you will still learn something new you are not aware about yet.

Sign up and put a mark in your calendar.

And After That?

The autumn will be quite busy with Oracle CloudWorld and all the preparations. But I hope we will be able to make another webinar towards the end of the year.

If you have any ideas and have a request for a topics that we should cover, please leave a comment and we will take it into consideration.

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